From many dental practices, the following is what I hear when they first discuss billing medical:

Isn’t it illegal to bill medical since I am a Dentist?

This is inaccurate, and more so then not a lot of dental insurance companies are requesting you bill medical and will deny the dental claim unless they have a medical EOB.

Is it really worth my time?

Absolutely, most dentist are out of network with Medical insurance, you are able to bill the medical your UCR(usual and customary rates) and turn around and bill dental as the secondary to reduce the cost of your patients bill by utilizing insurance they are already paying for.

Is it to difficult to bill medical?

Using our services will minimize the work on your staff. Lacking skills in medical insurance can result in thousands of lost dollars and unaccepted treatment plans. We will fill that void by being the financial solution to your practice and your patients.

Does it cost to much to implement Medical billing into our practice?

If you use our service the cost is minimal and we get paid when you get paid.

We have heard medical never pays, is this true?

This is not true, we have a client that we had success collecting 1.4 Million dollars with medical billing in just 14 months You just need to know how to bill properly, and we do!!

What can medical cover?

  • The top Medically billable procedures:
  • Exams and consultations in preparation for any other billable procedure through medical.
  • Radiographs for diagnostic purposes to include, orthopantograms, CT scans, Healing and surgical stents, FMX and PA’s if accidental injury accorded.
  • Biopsies
  • Any procedures related to traumatic injuries of the mouth.
  • Surgical procedures due to infection, atrophy i.e. reconstructive, periodontal, sinus augmentation, tissue grafting, and bone grafting, this includes the associated anesthesia.
  • Extraction of impacted teeth.
  • Prosthetics- Interim and final prostheses when surgery or traumatic injury is involved.
  • Appliances fabricated for sleep apnea, bruxism, and temporal-mandibular dysfunction.