Our billing experts process medical insurance claims in the most efficient, productive, and accurate manner possible.


complete solution to building revenue in your practice is utilizing the patients’ medical coverage. There are a lot of dental patients that have medical benefits, these untapped benefits include periodontal procedures, oral surgery, Cone beam CT, sleep apnea, these can all be covered under medical insurance policies. We are the way to maximize your PAY!!

MDFC knows the tasks that are required to process the medical billing in the dental arena, we will work as though we are a member of your staff, just off site. We will increase your case acceptance, increase your approvals which will increase your revenue. We are happy to offer you medical billing, practice management, and treatment closure. Lacking skills in medical insurance, can result in thousands of dollars lost, and unaccepted treatment plans. We can fill that void by being the financial solution to both your practice and patients.

MDFC was founded by a dental and medical team, with a history of successful medical billing. It is our goal to share and bring to you our years of expertise, to help implement and improve the medical billing in your dental practice. We have streamlined our billing procedures, to understand the intricacies of medical billing so you don’t have to.

Our system was developed by medical billing experts with years of experience that we use on a daily basis which has proven to be SUCCESSFUL. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve helped numerous practices around the country and welcome the opportunity to help you grow your practice.

Other Services

  • Medicare Provider & Supplier Enrollment
  • Verification of Eligibility & Medical Benefits
  • Out of Network/GAP Exclusions
  • Pre-Certification/Pre-Determination
  • Electronic Medical Billing
  • Claims follow-up with action on denials & appeals